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                 Nails & More  

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Less for Your Body

No Animal Cruelty

 has not been tested on animals

Free From Toxic 

contains no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene, parabens, TPHP, gluten

Vegan Friendly

made without the use of animal products

Extra Sanitized

 are one time disposable buffer & file, disinfected tools. Also we have pedi-stations with disposable liner. Plus PPE , Acrylic Barriers, sanitation & everything is brand new. 

"For the Green within TINCT"

People rewarding their body deserve The Right Treatment. And The Right Treatment can only be started with the right product that is gentle, less toxic, and preferably natural and organic. Come & join the TINCT Nails & More.  The one of the few "True" Organic Salons in Los Angeles where you get The Right Treatment. Our salons are free from paraben, formaldehyde, camphor & many more of cancer and allergic causing toxic. Plus you will not be exposed with strong odor of chemicals, loud conversation, nor unprofessional technicians. You owe it yourself & your hard worked body. We will pamper your body with the right people. the right equipment, the right services & products. 

Service Detail

#Fresh (Basic)


Fresh Manicure                                    24

Fresh Pedicure                                     32

Fresh Mani & Pedi                                54


*Tinct Basic Manicure & Pedicure.

Epsom salt soak, Shape, Cuticle care, Sugar scrub hot towel and massage.

Renew Manicure                                 32

Renew Pedicure                                  43

Renew Mani & Pedi                             73

*Tinct Premium Manicure and Pedicure.

Epsom salt soak, Add COLLAGEN Mask, Shape,Cuticle care, Sugar scrub, hot towel and massage.

#Breathe (Mother to be)

#Purirty (Age 10 & Under)

Breathe Manicure                                 35

Breathe Pedicure                                  49

Breathe Mani & Pedi                             82

*Tinct  Mother - to - be Manicure and Pedicure.

(Natural PEPPERMINTS Premium body products)

Bath, Mask, Shape, Cuticle care, Scrub, hot towel,

KERATIN Treatment and massage. 

Purity Manicure                                     14

Purity Pedicure                                      19

Purity Mani & Pedi                                 30

#Intense Callus Treatment

Intense Callus Treatment                          48

*Tinct Extra Callus care Pedicure.

SCRAPE FOOT, Epsom salt soak, Shape,Cuticle care, EXTRA CALLUS TREATMENT, Scrub, hot towel and massage. Heel Moisture Cotton and Foot Cream.

#Green Tea

Green Tea Manicure                               50

Green Tea Pedicure                                73

Green Tea Mani & Pedi                         115

*Tinct LUXE Manicure and Pedicure.

(Natural GREEN TEA premium body products,

Warm Shoulder Pad, Heel Moisture Cotton and Foot Cream) Bath, Scrub, Mask, Shape, Cuticle care, Callus Removal, hot towel, PARAFFIN TREATMENT and 10 Minutes hot stone massage

#Serum Rejuvenate Spa Pedicure

Serum Rejuvenate Spa Pedicure            78

*Tinct LUXE Pedicure.

Service includes 15 minutes Hot stone Massage, Heating Pad for Shoulder & Neck with Calming Aromatherapy Blend and ends with Heel Moisture pad and Foot Care Cream.

Hydrating Bubble Bath. Fresh Skin Exfoliator, Moisture foam Mask, Hydro Massage Gel, Sorbet Gel Cream

# Aloe Vera Jelly Revive Spa Pedicure

Aloe Vera Jelly Revive Spa Pedicure             85


*Tinct LUXE Pedicure.

Service includes15 minutes Hot Stone Massage, Heating Pad for Shoulder & Neck with Calming Aromatherapy Blend and ends with heel Moisture Pad and Food Care Cream. * Jelly Soak, Soak & Relaxing Rubbing, Sea Salt, Aloe Vera skin Exfoliator, Nourishing Mask Callus Treatment , Aloe Vera Revive Cream


French (Regular)                           8   

French (Gel)                              10+

Hand Polish Change                   15

*cut & shape      

Toe Polish change                       20

*cut & shape 

Purity Hand Polish Change           10  

Purity Toe Polish Change              13

Callus Removal                          10 

Callus Removal Only                   15 

Gel soak off + Care                    20

(cut, shape, clean nail surface with

buffer & hot towel)

Gel soak off + Care + Color         25

Gel soak off + service                 +7

(excludes Gel polish)                                 

Paraffin                             10  

Paraffin Only                     15

Nail Art                            5+  

Nail Fix                             5

Dip Powder Removal Only   15  

Gel Soak Off Only             12

GELx removal                  20+

Gel Polish                         20


Soul Manicure                                      43

Soul Pedicure                                       52

Soul Mani & Pedi                                  94

*Tinct Ultimate Manicure and Pedicure.

(Natural SILKY MILK premium body products)

Bath, Mask, Shape, Cuticle care, Scrub, hot towel, 

PARAFFIN and Hot Stone massage.

#Be Bold (for him)

Be Bold Manicure                                  24

Be Bold Pedicure                                   32

Be Bold Mani & Pedi                              54

# Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Manicure                               45

Eucalyptus Pedicure                                67

Eucalyptus Mani & Pedi                        104


*Tinct Refresh Manicure and Pedicure.

(Natural EUCALYPTUS premium body products,

Warm Shoulder Pad, Heel Moisture Cotton and

Foot Cream) Bath, Scrub, Mask, Shape, Cuticle care, hot towel, KERATIN TREATMENT and 10 Minutes hot stone massage.


Eye Brow         18           Lip              12

Chin               15           Cheek          20

Full Face          45 +        Under Arm    20

Bikini               45          Brazilian       65 +

Bikini plus        60           Upper Leg    40 +   

Chest              45           Lower Leg    35

Half Arm         25           Full Arm        45 +

Full Leg           65 +        Full Back       55

*Price may vary depends on the amount of work technician put on

#Eyelash Extension

Full Eyelash                                   120

Retouch Eyelash                             75 & up     

#Eco Gel

Gel Manicure                                       42

Gel Pedicure                                        52

Gel Mani & Gel Pedi                             94


$1 per Min

Service Detail

Gift Card

Gift Cards

Contact Us

2474 Glendale Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90039

*For the accuracy of service appointment and assurance of your reserved time, we are currently accepting over the phone appointment only and suspending online reservation.  


*WED-SAT: 10 am - 7 pm 

        SUN: 10 am - 6 pm


       Monday & Tuesday

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